Learn the Command Line

The command line (AKA CLI or command line interface) is how you tell your computer what to do, by typing text commands. On a Mac, you open the Terminal program to use the command line, and it’s a little different on Windows.

You need to learn the command line, because it comes up in programming a lot. You use it to move files around, run scripts, and often to “check in” your code to version control. When you see a really elite programmer at work, they are blazingly fast on the command line.

So, to get started, do this tutorial to learn about using the “Terminal” to use the “command line.”.

In the next lesson, you’ll use both the coding skills and command line skills you now have. You’ll make a real, live website, and learn how to use “Git” and “github.com” to save your code into “version control.” Before that next lesson though, you’ll need to install a text editor, so see next chapter.