Update Your Website

OK, to recap, you just did this:

Next, let’s add a new page to your website.

In your Text Editor, create a new file. Add this text to this file: This is my second page. It links to my first page. Save the file to the same directory as you created index.html for your website. Name it: second- page.html Next, open index.html. Replace “Hello World” with: This is my first page. It links to my second page. Now, using the same steps as the last tutorial, deploy your new website to github.com. This will save your new code (but also keep your old version in history), and it will also update your public website. Go into your Terminal, and go into the directory where you made index.html (just like last tutorial). Then: git add second-page.html git commit -m “added a new file for practice” git push origin gh-pages In the next chapter, we’re going to do this all over again, but make the new page a little more powerful.